Attract Attentions, Set People's Mood

Create an attractive store that able to divert passersby to your store and makes an indelible connection between your brand and your customers. With HomeAutomator Assistant, create a dazzling multimedia experience that will intrigue passersby, inform the curious and convince the uncertain to shop. There are limitless combination of multimedia, lighting, and environmental controls to set the ambience.

Customers are Engaged

Bring a whole new experience to the traditional dining and shopping experience with interactive components, multimedia installations, and more, all powered by HomeAutomator Assistant. Even something as suble as lighting is easily controlled to highlight featured products or put your customer in spotlight. The possibilities are endless.

Keep It Up To Date

Retail world is highly competitive, nothing is as important as continual reinvention. Customers will come back if a store have new products, new promotions, and new experiences. HomeAutomator Assistant makes it easy to manage product promotion display and distribute it across stores.

Automate The Repetitive

Running a retail business is not easy, there are a lot of items for your employees to manage: Selecting music playlist for the mood, adjust lights, activate the security system, and many more; This can take up valuable time. HomeAutomator Assistant will help to automate lighting, selecting music theme like Christmas songs on December or National songs on independence day. Event specific scenes can be selected on demand by a single touch button.

HomeAutomator systems offer personalization features that make difference between smart home and HomeAutomator Assistant.