HomeAutomator: Your assistant always under control

If you’re living in a HomeAutomator smart home, get connected like never before. With HomeAutomator Assistant, you’ll get the most out of your smart home with added hands-on personalization, voice control, and mobile access.

If This then That Personalization

Your home assistant, fine-tuned for you.

HomeAutomator Assistant is adjusted to your need. How do you want to be welcomed by your house, when do you want your terrace get artificial lighting, or when should your pet receive their treat.

Assisted from remote place

From across the town to the across the globe, you’re always assisted by your home.

See what your house see, open or close the garage, unlock the front door, even turn the lights on or off. It’s peace of mind at its finest.

Security guard for your home, by your home

Preventing unwanted guest from entering in the first place.

HomeAutomator Assistant is not only telling you about unwanted visitor, but also able to shoo unwanted visitor before they steal your possesion

Independent from internet

Local processing protect your privacy and increase reliability

By processing everything in your home, every action is executed instantly. No data is sent to product manufacturer to learn about you, and internet blockage won’t stop HomeAutomator Assistant from assisting you.

HomeAutomator systems offer personalization features that make difference between smart home and HomeAutomator Assistant.



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